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alternative justice

Houses currently/actively involved: Embassy SF, Red Victorian

Alt Justice Goals

  • Empowering actors to take responsability
  • Taking the burden of accountability off victim/survivors
  • Upholding Accountable Space Policy of Embassy Network
  • Incident reporting system
  • A Record Keeper for each house Record keeper tracks information regarding incidents of violation of community standards, primarily around consent violation, violence, and hate speech. The record keeper also keeps information on the restorative justice process around those incidents.

When a perpetrator’s name appears on the network list twice, this indicates that there has been harm done to the network at large not simply the individual victim/survivors. The community seeks to amend this hard between the network at large and the perpetrator through the following process:

  1. Collective letter via email from one record keeping on behalf of all them to invite an actor to join the conversation, to reflect on how and why they have appeared on the list twice. This email from the record keepers goes to the actor only. Invites suggestion from the actor to find a way to ameliorate harm or make amends.
  2. Simultaneously the record keeper emails the EN test case houses (Emb SF and Red Vic) to let them know that an actor has come up twice on the list and have been invited. We give the actor a week to schedule response. At scheduled meeting, anyone in community is welcome to join, actor can present their side to the community. Community can decide how to go forward from here.
  3. If this doesn’t happen, the Record Keeper emails the community to share their name and details of the incidents. Victims names are kept private.
  4. No matter what, Alternative Justice liaisons are scheduled to follow up with actor at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and a year.


Houses currently/actively involved: Embassy SF,

DRFT is a intracommunity credit system. DRFT are earnt in a number of ways but one DRFT is equal to a one night stay in any EN location, thereby simultaneously flattening the asymmetry in rent prices across locations and facilitating movement through our common spaces._

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