en stewards

What is it to be a Steward for the Embassy Network

A steward is someone who is involved in the core processes of the EN, not just involved in their house, or houses. The role of the steward is to help maintain and facilitate the core values and greater vision of the EN. Stewards may or may not be residents of EN houses.

The process of becoming a Steward is flexible. You can approach other stewards and put forth a proposal of what you have been doing that relates to the broader picture, or stewards may approach you and ask if you are interested in joining them. Generally, people will have been contributors before becoming Stewards.

Expectations of a Steward are greater than that of a contributor: A Steward will be an active and consistent participant in the discussions and decision making around the network. They can be counted on to show up. A Steward will spend time recruiting contributors or houses to the Embassy network and be an ambassador of the values of the network A Steward puts forward a specific vision for their unique contribution

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