Finding residential contributors

This is our 'register your interest' form. We have found using some of these questions have shown us who people are in a really interesting way, that goes beyond the usual things we tell people about ourselves.

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1. Describe your vision of community to us :) what do you think the role of community in society is?

2. It's Wednesday night and you come home from work at 9pm to find an impromptu dinner party of 15-20. Thoughts? * (this isn't a trick question and there's no right answer. but it's a not-unlikely occurrence, so just putting it out there to think about)

3. Our greater goal is to contribute the creation of the commons, which extends beyond our home into the wider community. What might you see as a way in which you could contribute to the wider commons?

4. As well as thinking about society, we have to run as a house :) What are some activities you could see being involved with to help the house run, or to make it feel special? *

Some thorny questions! Don't worry there are not right answers to these, we have just found them to be a good way to hear about what makes someone tick :)

5. Assuming you can afford it, are you willing to spend more money and have a less ideal space if it would be good for the house?

6. What is an example of something that you have done that you felt was right, but that society thought was wrong?

7. What is a book that you might contribute to our communal library, and why would you think it would be interesting or useful to this community?

8. What are some things that you would change about society if you had the power to do so? Be idealistic! This is just a thought experiment :)

9. What are some things that you think our generation will look back on and be appalled that we were complicit in? What do you think we will be proud of when we look back?

10. Any questions for us?

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